Facebook and Instagram start webshop section

A Facebook Shop visualisation
Photo: Facebook

As social media turn into shopping channels more and more, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is eager to cash in. Hence the introduction of Facebook Shops, which allows retailers and brands to start their own webshop on Instagram or Facebook.


Shopping on Facebook

These 'Shops' enable companies to offer their own webshop to the public, without the customers having to leave their Facebook or Instagram page. Pages can be personalised with huge pictures, font sizes and colours. Later on, a link will be added to Facebook's messaging channels (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram Direct), so that retailers can offer online support to customers in this new shopping environment.


The project starts as a test in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland, for which already a million companies would have applied. Later on, functions like live shopping and loyalty programmes should also be added.


Zuckerberg says he wants to help companies survive the coronavirus crisis, and will therefore charge only a small commission for every sale in a Facebook (or Instagram) Shop. Most of the new revenue is thought to come from added advertisement. Shops follows the creation of an Instagram sticker to signal where users can buy vouchers or food.